Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Am I the only one?

Am I the only mother who gets emotionally wrapped up in packing away outgrown clothes? I'm sorting through clothes that don't fit Big Girl and Two anymore, so I can resell and donate, and I get a little bit soft and fuzzy, even a little weepy, looking at some of these outfits. I remember how small and cute they were - they're still cute, but not so small - and what they could do when they wore those outfits. I have major "stuff" issues with my emotional attachment to objects, and the clothes thing is a big one for me. I have a hard time parting with things. My house is bursting, with way too many things, and actually Hubs is even worse about hanging on to things that a lot of people would consider junk. We watched some of the clean-out-your-house shows several months ago and we think some of those hosts and home organization "experts" are cruel, heartless people. Yeah, we know we have more than we need, and more than we can really store efficiently, but our emotional baggage often takes physical form around here.

I'm not keeping many outfits, just the most special ones. We may have another child at some point, but we just don't have anywhere to keep these things. And I'm sure my relatives will happily provide an ample wardrobe for any future progeny. They're good like that. I could get away with never buying clothes or shoes for my kids, if only I could resist the temptation to pick out cute outfits myself.

So that's today's naptime project: sorting through little people clothes of days gone by, and getting all mushy about how fast they're growing up. Surely I'm not the only sap who reacts this way.

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