Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Yummy couscous recipe

I made this up myself. And I liked it, and lots of people at the church dinner really liked it too. First, I cooked three cups of couscous with water, butter, and salt according to the directions on the side of the container. Then, I sauted a chopped Vidalia onion in a skillet, with a tiny bit of olive oil, until it was nice and tender, and mixed the onion, a can of (drained) petite diced tomatoes, and a can of (drained) yellow corn with the couscous. I chopped about half a bunch of fresh cilantro and added that as well, plus a sprinkling of lemon pepper seasoning.

I served this chilled, since I had to make it in advance and store it in the church fridge for a couple of hours while I was herding kids, but I think warm would also be nice. This made a huge bowl - plenty for the potluck line plus plenty for us, too. I think next time, I'll cut back to two cups of couscous but keep the other ingredients the same, and that should work nicely. I may also experiment with other seasonings - I love the fresh cilantro, but I think that it might also taste yummy with some cumin (maybe if I toasted some cumin seeds and added them), or maybe lime juice instead of the lemon pepper.

The fresh cilantro made the whole kitchen smell divine. I just love that beautiful fresh smell. I have some cilantro left, so if I have the time before it wilts, I may make some black bean and corn dip. Love that stuff - a recipe my aunt found, I think in Southern Living a few years back. Because I can't resist the chance to tweak recipes to my liking, I make that recipe with Vidalia onions instead of purple ones (too strong), and no red bell pepper (me no likey). I'll track down that one and post it here for your enjoyment sometime soon.

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