Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The devolution of Mom

Two, 6 AM: Ma-meeeeeeeee! Ma-meeeeeeeee! Twacta? Ma-meeeeee!
Me: Here's your tractor. Why are you up so early, big guy?
Two: Up? Up! Toast, mommy! Toast! Toastie! Uppie!

Two is far too cheerful at that hour. He must get that from Hubs. I don't smile before my second cup of coffee.

Songs heard at breakfast: Five little monkeys jumping on the bed, I'm a nut, Old McDonald (with shouted E-I-E-I-Os from Two), ABCs, and something else indecipherable

Current status: Tractor races up and down in the hall. On wood floor, so nice and noisy even *without* motor noises supplied by Two. Big Girl has her own John Deere now - did I mention that? She was very jealous of the John Deere that her brother received for his birthday, and since he won't let it leave his hands, even for sleep, I got her one for her birthday, too. Because little girls can drive tractors, too - got that, Granddaddy?

Although their options aren't limited...

Me: Big Girl, what do you think your brother wants to be when he grows up?
BG: Farmer. Bro wants to drive tractors.
Me: What about you? Do you want to be a farmer?
BG: No, I'll be a princess.

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