Thursday, May 15, 2008

My cousin!?

He's great. He's mowing my lawn and pulling up weeds. Yeah, I pay him to do this, but he's always really appreciative for what I pay him. I must pay him more generously than other relatives - I dunno. I do know that I would have to pay a lot more to get anyone else to do it. And now, the front yard is mowed, and the back yard is mowed, and he's getting rid of the rampant weeds along the back fence line. Did I mention that it rained all day yesterday? So it's kind of yucky and muddy out there. Maybe not the best mowing condition for the grass, but it's all weeds anyway, and it was getting lanky, so I told him to go ahead. And meanwhile, I'm inside on my computer, and my kids get free entertainment watching him work. The grass will likely get tall and out of control again, and need another mowing or even two before Big Girl's birthday party, but hopefully the fenceline weeds have been knocked down into submission for longer.

I don't get nasty from the mud and stuff, and the kids are somewhat supervised and definitely enthralled. Plus I don't mind subsidizing his dates with his girlfriend. I'll save my energy for working on Big Girl's herb garden and some flowers once the weather improves.

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