Monday, May 12, 2008

Naked Dog

On Friday night, aliens descended on our back yard and gave our golden retriever a really bad summer buzz cut. That's my story. Nope, wasn't me spending three hours wrestling with said dog, only to end up with a funky fuzzy chubby puppy.

He looks really silly. I felt kind of bad when a cool front came through late on Sunday, since he's without his fur suit now, but he didn't seem too bothered. And he will be happy to be hairless when the true Georgia heat kicks in. Plus this should cut down on the hot spots, or at least make it easier to treat them if he does get them thus summer. Poor guy - he has a lot of health problems, and hot spots were the first to appear but not the worst. This only reaffirms my judgment that his breeder didn't really know what she was doing and hadn't taken sufficient steps to clear the health history of his parents and grandparents on both sides.

Big Girl and Two were fascinated by the process and the results. Big Girl laughed and said that our golden retriever was getting his hair cut so he would look more like the lab. She's a bit obsessed with the idea of haircuts (which scares me) and with observing who has short hair and who has long hair, and has had this obsession for several months since I cut and donated my long hair. She sees the dog haircut as something similar - the dog had long hair, and her mommy cut it, just like her mommy had long hair and her grandmother cut it.


Rebecca said...!!!

thevirtualvoyeur said...

This thread is useless without pics!

Shannie said...

Uh-oh! As long as she doesn't take it upon herself to cut anyone's hair, it's okay.

The puppy looks very sweet, though. And, you're right... He'll thank you when it's a gazillion degrees and it feels like someone has thrown a hot, wet blanket on you every time you step outside!!