Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Hi Cake!

I'm glad you enjoyed the lemon bars! Now you have me hungry for some - but I should resist. There will be plenty of tempting food at tonight's church picnic.

I've been pleased with the Ziploc Big Bags - the ones I bought before our move stood up really well during and after the move. I'm still using them now, a year and a half later, to store some Christmas stuff, and they didn't tear or bust when they got tossed around during the move. For bulky things that aren't too heavy, I think they work very well. I've used them for pillows, linens, outgrown kid clothes, holiday decorations (stockings, pillows, etc.), and assorted kid toys. I like being able to see what's inside, and they're cheaper than a lot of plastic storage bins. Let me know if you want a coupon to try them and I'll mail you one (you can e-mail me through bbc - I'm clickable).

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Cake said...

Thanks! :)