Friday, May 16, 2008

Mornin', y'all!

We're experiencing another toast shortage here. I'm not sure what got them started on this toast kick, but both Big Girl and Two ask for buttered toast (or sometimes with jelly or jam) for breakfast, with lunch and dinner, and as a snack. So we go through a lot of loaves of bread, and I haven't had the time to track down the bread machine cookbook and bake my own, and the freezer has been thoroughly cleaned of all partial frozen loaves. I could try to pass off a couple of freezer-burned hot dog buns as toast, but the Toastmasters would likely wrinkle their noses in distaste at the off taste. I think I'm going to become fast friends with the woman who runs the bakery outlet in town. At the rate these two consume it, I have no qualms about getting day old bread from the outlet. Plus they have some granola bars and fruit snacks there that are cheap and tasty additions to my friends' dining repertoire.

In other cute gustatory news, Two has developed the charming habit of begging for roasted peanuts, putting them in his mouth to lick off all of the seasonings, and spitting them back out in his hand and presenting them to me. Punk. He doesn't like peanut butter (yes, I know that's strange in a little kid), but he will eat peanuts sometimes, particularly in a snack mix. Big Girl LOVES all kinds of nuts and begs for them at snack time. She kindly shares her nuts with her bro, and then I end up with personally-cleaned peanuts dumped in my lap by an insistent young man. We need to break this habit promptly.

I've been reading lots of fast food books lately - quick, easy reads, mostly sci-fi and fantasy stuff. This really annoys Hubs, because I sit in the den while he watches crap on tv and I read. He goes to great efforts to involve me in his shows, but I keep going back to my book. Drives him up the wall - he gets deeply offended, and I think he's being silly. I make time to talk to him, but I'm not going to watch the same episodes of The Deadliest Catch multiple times just because he falls asleep before the end and forgets that he has seen them. Anyway, the positive point is that I'm really enjoying reading without the pressure of unpacking the symbolism and identifying allusions and all of that. And yes, I will get back to the scholarly stuff soon enough - lots to do on ye olde dissertation. In a wise move yesterday, Big Girl and I also made a trip to the library, to check out more fast food books - I don't need to pay full price to buy copies of books I'll only read once. Plus I haven't used my library card in years, and I'm on the library board now, so I should make an effort to do that, right? I'll post more about the fast food books at some point - the incredibly curious among you can check out my recent reads through goodreads until then (see link on the right side of the blog somewhere).

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