Saturday, May 24, 2008

Big Girl's herb garden

After visiting with family this afternoon, Big Girl and I left Two at home to nap while we went to Home Depot in search of more plants for her herb garden. In addition to the lavender that lived through the winter, and the two tomato plants that have survived being napped upon by a neighborhood cat, she now has a sweet basil, a lambs ear, and two pepper plants in her herb garden, plus more pepper plants, cilantro, curly parsley, feverfew, and marigolds in adjacent containers. She also picked out some lovely pink impatiens, added to some dead nettle that I chose, for my hanging basket, which occupies a nice shady corner of the carport. Now I just need some nice ferns to go in my fern stand, and we'll have a nice lush setting around the front porch. I also picked up a package of moonflower seeds and planted them at various choice spots around the exterior of the house. Hopefully they will sprout and flower, but I didn't mention them to Big Girl since they'll take a while, and since they may not be as successful as I want. She had a grand time helping me pick flowers, and then helping me put dirt in the planters and get the plants settled in to their new homes. She'll be eager to help me water them regularly, I know - I had to watch her last summer to make sure she didn't drown plants when I let her control the watering can. We're still under strict watering restrictions here, so I'll use that as a teaching moment with her, and we'll keep track of days and times when we can water using her calendar. Beyond that, I'm excited to get her in the kitchen with me to cook using her herbs and vegetables - I think she'll really enjoy that. Plus I hope we'll be able to enjoy some of the bounty from my aunt and uncle's garden again this summer - I can almost taste the delicious fresh squash.

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