Monday, May 5, 2008

Who, me? Yes, I'm still here.

I've been slaving away, grading a lot of bad papers and pitiful exams, plus a few good ones, for the last several days. I finally finished with it all and got everything turned in to the proper people today, so I'm finished with that job until fall. Yay! I think I'll celebrate with some nice cold Bailey's. My eyes are all dry and burning from reading so much over the last several days. As a break from grading the papers, I've also been reading some fun fiction this weekend, a couple of books from a recently-discovered Jim Butcher series (no, not the fabulous Harry Dresden books - another great series). I'll blab on excitedly about those books sometime when my eyes aren't so fuzzy feeling. I'm behind on my teevee watching, so now that I'm finished with grading, I'll have to block out some time to be a bum.

Two has a tummy bug but is being a pretty good sport. I hope he gets over this soon. No telling where he found it - he's so curious and gets into stuff all the time. Fortunately his sister is getting better about washing her hands regularly, and actually using the soap instead of giving it a cursory pickup, so she is healthy so far.

Also my latest Bzz kit came today - some fabulous Ziploc Big Bags. I already had some of these, which I used for pillows and comforters when we moved last year, and I'm delighted that I just got some more, now that I'm ready to tackle some organizing projects in my copious free time. I also have some good coupons to share, which always makes my mom happy. I don't think she would ever sign up to be a Bzz Agent, but she gladly shares in whatever I get to try as one.

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Cake said...

So are the big bags worth the $$? I've been curious.

ALSO, I made your Lemon Bars and they were delicious!