Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dentist adventures

Big Girl had her first dental appointment today and she was a champ! I had a cleaning first, with the dental hygienist showing her all of the equipment and explaining things to her throughout my cleaning, and then it was Big Girl's turn to sit in the chair. She was kind of wiggly, but she was a very good sport, and the hygienist was able to check all of her teeth, polish them, floss them, and paint them with a fluoride treatment. Big Girl adapted quickly to the new environment and conversed nicely with everyone she met, and she seemed to like the dentist, too (I knew she would - he's been my dentist since I was a kid, excepting the time when I lived elsewhere). She got to pick a prize from the hygienist's prize box for her excellent behavior, and she chose some fancy gold Mardi Gras beads, which she wore for the rest of the day. She also got a cool Disney Princess toothbrush, and I think she enjoyed the whole experience. Yay! I was very nervous, but she seemed to have a great time and she got a good report, too. No cavities, and no buildup at all! I think the sticker activity book played a big part in her happiness as well.

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