Saturday, May 24, 2008

Cupcakes, cupcakes

I made cupcakes for Big Girl's end of school party, and they were delicious. Devil's Food cake with buttercream frosting (have I mentioned that I excel at making a simple, delicious buttercream frosting?). The kids really enjoyed them, as did the other parents who came to the party. I used my Williams-Sonoma rosebud cupcake pans, which meant that they looked like roses on the bottom. I iced them on top like typical cupcakes, but didn't use paper liners, so when I told some of the girls to look at the bottom of the cupcakes, they thought it was pretty neat. I used these same pans for Big Girl's first birthday party (they've held up great for over three years now), only I served them upside down with a thin pink-tinted glaze, clustered together like a bouquet. But I've observed that the kids in Big Girl's class are kind of picky, and are very hesitant about trying anything new or different, so I went with a more traditional approach this time (given the cool reception given to the Valentine's cupcakes which had pink frosting and multi-colored candies sprinkled on top - the horrors!).

Big Girl had a great time at the party and was thrilled with the plastic bucket and shovel she got. The teachers used the pails like goodie bags, and put candy and little toys in them, and now Big Girl can use it if we ever go to the beach this summer. Or if we get some sand for her, which is more likely.

Two went to the party with me, and had a grand time playing with some other little boys - interestingly, several of Big Girl's friends have baby brothers close in age to Two, so the boys played together while their big sisters partied. Two also got a cupcake, since I made plenty, and he devoured it in a big, crumby, sticky mess.

Family fun this weekend, which means another cake for Big Girl (this time I may try out one of my new shaped pans - I'm thinking the tractor) and tasty food for all. I think I'll revisit the couscous recipe as my contribution, since I don't feel like going to the store just now.

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