Saturday, July 5, 2008

Slow news day here...

We've been big bums so far this holiday weekend. Hubs smoked some delicious ribs yesterday, and we enjoyed some earlier in the day before heading over to my cousin's for a party. Good food and fantastic fireworks there - the fireworks were better than a lot of professional shows I've seen! Big Girl and Two had a fantastic time playing with all of the other kids in attendance, and as usual they think that their cousin has a superb toy collection. She has one of these which they just love:

Mid-post interruption: Big Girl came in, looking sleepy and disheveled, to tell me that her (toy) cat can't go to sleep. I took her back to bed and she told me she would go to sleep, but her cat just didn't want to sleep. I told her she needs to tell him that it's bedtime - hopefully both she and the willful cat will stay in bed now. This is not the first sleep-resistant pop-up visit from her this evening.

So we had a grand time at the party, and Hubs kept Big Girl busy so I could sleep in this morning. She likes to crawl into our bed in the wee hours, but Hubs lured her to the den with the promise of food, and I went back to sleep for two more hours, which was divine. Sometimes he is extremely good to me.
Today we lounged around. Hubs watched programs that did not interest me while I watched a movie on my laptop during the kids' naptime, and aside from Hubs spending some time on studying, we were all generally lazy. We've had a lot of busy days lately, and that combined with the heat tends to wear me out, so I was grateful for a day of rest. Tomorrow promises to be fairly low-key as well. Aside from possibly taking the kids swimming after church, no plans, and that's such a nice thing to do sometimes.

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