Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My daughter, a danger to her own health and safety

Big Girl has become a bit wild with the furniture-climbing and bed-jumping lately, and today her antics - trying to climb on my mom's back while my mom and I were wrestling with Two and trying to change his diaper - led to the inevitable injury. She fell off the bed and hit assorted parts on the dresser and floor. It was loud, and very frightening, but she says she feels okay. She has a nice knot on her head, so I'm watching to make sure she doesn't have signs of a concussion - and since she's tired and wants to sleep, I'm annoying her considerably by waking her up to ask her questions, like what her name is and how old she is. We were all scared by her fall, and while my mom and I were tending to Big Girl, Two (in clean diaper) wandered around looking concerned and wondering aloud why his beloved sister was "cwying." For all of their sibling abuse and wrestling, they also can be very sweet and affectionate toward each other.

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