Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One track mind

Two and I dropped his sister off at her art class this morning and took a quick trip to the post office, to mail a couple of books for paperbackswap. He apparently had other destinations in mind, as he kept posing other ideas in a questioning voice from the backseat: "Cowz? Twack-tas? Hay bay-uls?" and (this one cracks me up) "Bob?" Bob is my dad. Big Girl and Two call him Bob, or sometimes Granddaddy Bob, but never just Granddaddy. This is something Two started, I think because he conflated his grandfather with Bob the Builder at an early age. After all, the two of them watch and discuss BtB frequently, and Two associates my dad with similar equipment. Everyone in the family has tried to get them to call my dad "Granddaddy" but Two is dogged in his insistence on "Bob." And he says it so clearly and articulately, too!

Anyway, after I told Two several times that we were going to the post office, and that he would see his grandfather later today, he finally switched his tune: "Pos Off? May-ul?" He was quite pleased when I let him hold the books I was mailing while we stood in line. Like his sister, he likes to be a helper.

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