Saturday, August 2, 2008


It's late, and I'm doing some thinking. I've been thinking today about all of the plans I make, plans that ofte n don't materialize. I know that this is a common issue with me. I dream big, but my reality is frequently on a smaller scale. I would really like to get my house in order, so that I have the space and mental capacity to attempt some interesting project that have tempted me for months or even years. Today I attempted my first tutu, using forest green and silver tulle. The tutu is lovely, but a bit too big for Big Girl. Making it was fun, and I would like to make more, but I need to get my act together and organize my living space in order to effectively attempt this. I know that I could make some very interesting bows, tutus, and other projects, given the physical space and time to do so. I already have a lot of craft supplies, thanks to some bargain shopping and a bit of stockpiling, so I only need the space at this point. If I'm fortunate, I can convince Hubs to help me this weekend in a campaign to bring order to my office. I have a table in there that would be perfect for crafts and other fun projects, if only I could get to it...

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