Thursday, August 21, 2008

My three favorite Boynton books...

...because I can't pick just one. I love reading Sandra Boynton books with my kids. I love the rhymes, the funny pictures, and the way that the books lend themselves so easily to song (and yes, we have the CDs too). My sentimental favorite is Snuggle Puppy (Boynton on Board), a delightful sweet tale that makes me think of nice comforting hugs with my kids. When they're getting sleepy, and just want to curl up in my lap and listen to a story - there are few times more precious to me than those moments of closeness, connection, and love.

For fun times, I love to read Barnyard Dance! (Boynton on Board) - and yes, I do a passable job of calling it out like a square dance when needed. Two is particularly fond of this one, as it includes his beloved cows and other animals; we have multiple well-loved copies, naturally.

And last, but not least, Belly Button Book (Boynton on Board) - the fun and fascinating source of the oft-mentioned beebo. The tiny hippo in this book refers to his belly button as a beebo, and the term has not only stuck, but has been adopted with glee by Big Girl and Two. Have I mentioned how ticklish they are? Just the threat of someone getting their beebos sends them into laughing fits. Two will also gladly pull up his shirt and point if you ask him where his beebo is. Anywhere, anytime.

Honorable Mention to:Birthday Monsters! (Boynton on Board), Doggies (Boynton Board Books (Simon & Schuster)), and Bob: And 6 More Christmas Stories, the latter being a holiday favorite for the kids and their grandfather.

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