Wednesday, August 27, 2008

How is it

that I never manage to finish all of the items on my to do list? By the time I finish one, two more new ones have been added to the end?

Has this phenomenon been studied? Can it be treated? Is there a cure?

And why is it that I remember the lyrics to annoying songs but forget to do important tasks, like send a file to someone who has volunteered to help me with a project?

I think I need to clone myself. One of the clones can write my dissertation for me. I promise to feed her and buy her nice-smelling shampoos and lotions, if only she will do it for me. Another clone can clean the house - she'll be pampered and showered with appreciation, too. And when I'm not placating the clones who are busy doing things I don't want to do, I'll be able to do all the things I do now, with less guilt!

1 comment:

The Beach Life said...

I can remember what I wore to a party ten years ago and yet not remember what I did ten minutes ago!