Thursday, October 2, 2008

Recent reading

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The one that says, "Recently Read"? I'm a bit trigger-happy with the Share button on Google Reader, and the many articles, blog posts, and lolcats that I mark show up over there. Here are a few highlights from this evening's reading, just for some bonus fun:

The Sarah Palin pity party (Salon), which my bff shared first with me, raises the question: Do you feel sorry for Sarah Palin's obvious ineptitude? And yes, I'm poised with the mute button, and I've snarked about her a bit on Twitter during this "debate."

Ig Nobels honor weird science: Coca-Cola as contraceptive (CNN) discusses the sperm-killing powers of my favorite carbonated beverage.

FDA Considers Banning OTC Cough Medicines For All Children Under 6 (Consumerist) and FDA Urged to Recall Cold Medicines for Youngsters (AP)


Avitable said...

I don't feel sorry for her. I want her to showcase her ineptitude for the entire world for the next few weeks, so that maybe the women voters who thought that they were somehow supporting feminism by trading an intelligent, motivated candidate like Hillary for a backwoods corrupt hockey mom like Palin would be able to reconsider.

the driftwood collector said...

Amen to that, Adam. Amen.