Thursday, October 2, 2008

Great resource for southern gardeners

Walter Reeves offers a great e-mail newsletter called "The Georgia Gardener" that may interest those of you living in and near Georgia. Walter answers questions sent in by readers, offers gardening guidance, and discusses unusual plants. He also has a radio show on WSB on Saturday mornings, if you're in the Atlanta area. One of my favorite features of the newsletter is the reader q&a, where readers send in photos for Walter to identify a plant, fungus, or insect. The newsletter is always informative and is very accessible. I know some things about gardening, but I have huge holes in my knowledge, and I never feel like an idiot reading this newsletter. Check out the archive of past newsletters, and if you think you might find it useful, subscribe to get "The Georgia Gardener" every two weeks.

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Walter said...

Hey Driftwood - Thanks for the shout out!
Southern gardeners can also get tips by watching "Gardening in Georgia" on GPB.
I have the last two years' shows archived at
Keep your green side up!
Walter Reeves