Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So glad...

that the preschoolers got it wrong.

I can't fully express my delight, my optimism, my excitement about the election of Barack Obama as the next President of the United States. I've felt pessimistic and cynical about politics for years, but tonight I feel as though there really are others out there, in this country, in sufficient numbers, who agree with me about the important issues and who see the potential and promise of Barack Obama. God Bless Him.

p.s. McCain's being really classy in his concession speech. WTG old white-haired dude. He has the capacity to handle himself with dignity and honor when he doesn't let partisanship run rampant.

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Ami said...

It's good news for our country and our world, isn't it? And I, too, was proud of McCain's ability to stay respectful and dignified during his concession. That's something to be proud of, too. :)

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