Monday, November 3, 2008

And now for something completely different...

I came across this cat while searching for the one in that last post - and I have to post this one, too. It's just delightful.
more animals

Speaking of cats - I am delighted to report that Two has toned down his grandfather-encouraged shrieking at cats. Big Girl's getting better as well. Both of them generally remember to use inside voices and walk softly around my mom's cats, and everyone is happier. :) I think Two may even develop into a bit of an animal whisperer like my mom. She just has a way with animals, such that they're drawn to her and feel calmed by her, and it's amazing. Of all the genetic inheritances he could get from my family - and it's apparent already that he got the dry skin, allergies, and jowls - this would be one of the best.

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