Thursday, April 16, 2009

What to grow?!

I've given serious consideration to trying out square foot gardening, and may still give it a try, but my mom has also offered her large containers for my use this spring and summer. I know I will have to water them frequently, but I'm wondering how a squash plant would fare in one of them. I know that tomatoes work well in them - my mother has grown them using these containers in the past - and I know that herbs will also do well. But I would love to grow my own squash and zucchini. Those two vegetables really top my gardening wish list, along with peppers (not bell peppers - never bell peppers).

I wonder what else I might grow? I've got big dreams, a small budget, and limited space with enough sunlight and no meddling dogs. And as soon as the semester ends (almost there!), I can spring into action.

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