Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanks for your input.

I decided to let my students take the exam home to complete it. I finished writing it earlier this evening, and they'll have more than a week before they have to turn it in - but they're also finishing term papers due on Thursday, so I suspect most of them will wait a few days before starting the exam. It's already posted online, so they can start when ready. They were all very excited by the change to a take-home exam, and I'm hoping that, with less pressure and more time, they'll all do very well.

Because honestly, all of my "mean teacher" talk aside, I want my students to do well. It makes me sad when I have to flunk plagiarists and assign low grades to students who haven't done all the work. I would rather read good papers and tests.

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Daniel L. said...

I imagine the only good side of plagiarism is that the teacher might get to tell one of those awesomely funny stories about how awful students are at getting away with it. All my friends who teach have these tales. The one I remember specifically was about a girl who accidentally stapled the paper she copied to the one she turned in. Oops.